Friday, October 3, 2008

OH NO! close to disaster!!

Mp3 player #4 has died!!!!!!!!! I'veonly had it two weeks! I like it too!! It wont work, it wont charge and if I hook it up to the pc it just flashes, It's ok tho, Ive already sent an email off to the place where I bought it from hopefully i can get it sent today so I can get a replacement before next week, I have the backup MP3, which is fine, and it charges except I cant change any of the music on it ... not that bad cos I like the music on there, but there's only 1GB so I tend to run out of stuff to listen to during the day.
Ok just thought I would advise everyone of my mini disaster, have a lovely day :D


NanaBeth said...

Aw-poor thing!

Zeetra said...

Oh no way. Dont tell me the one you got from TM was a flop too...Look forward to seeing you next week...I know im not as exciting as SENZ, but