Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thow a Tanty Thursday

This is the new name for Thursdays, cos it's the lead up to Fluff around Fridays (and I know those that know me will be laughing at fluff....)
I'm getting a LITTLE bit excited about SENZ. Couldnt've come at a better time for me, work is well weird.
I'm enjoying myself singing along to Brittney Spears, cannot understand why noone is enjoying it lots of references to guns and dying cats.
As you know (well youre MEANT to) I'm NZ Dares Guest Designer for the next fortnight. I have the premise. I have lots of pp and I have embellishments and stamps and all sorts of stuff that can be used to make awesome layouts.
I don't have photos. And speaking of photos - I REALLY want photos taken of me at the gym...... How ridiculous is that going to look??? I know the most sensible thing is to ask my personal trainer lady to take pics and say its for before and after... but Id rather get photos of me on the machines.. specially the treadmill (HA HA HA thats for those who know my expertise on the treadmill)
but yeah. so if anyone wants to come hang out with me at the gym and take photos they are welcome to, you will need to make up a better reason for taking them than "I'm a scrapbooker" and having those LOOKS - like you're a complete freak cos noone knows what scrapbooking is.
Maybe I'll sneak the camera in my towel and if theres noone on the machines ill just take photos in the mirror. I think that would be really really brave of me so I don't see it happening!
However, I am going to the gym this afternoon without the camera tho.

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dizzy Lizzie said...

just left a lovely lengthy comment and lost it! Don't you just love it.

MMM mind boggles at gym photo you mad hatter.

Can't wait to see that SENZ list you have promised to share???!!!!

You so right about the ring, that is why he decided to buy there abnd then instead of having it made LOlxxx

Go you at guest designer for NZ dares will keep watching.......