Sunday, October 26, 2008

ok theres a new product in town..

Its called Glimmertartz.. thanks to beth for that (I think!)
but heres some not very good photos/scans of the stuff I made, and the stuff i bought... I prefer mine cos its finer and not so runny and wet, although I'm not sure i could ever hope of recreating the colours of the bought stuff!

This one is gold on one end and same but with black food colouring on the other end - that gold is STUNNING!
This one is Bronze (the black splodges are me playing with the black food colouring)
This one is blue (says turquoise on the pearlex bottle) with blue food colouring
and this is a photo (not a scan) of the original glimmermist, key lime and silver - note how its not a fine even mist like above, and tis really runny too and yes i hold the bottle well away from the paper !


Dragonlass said...

Very Clever you have been busy playing

Genevieve said...

Very cool! I met the Glimmermist inventory today. She did a ton of demos for us (there were 3 of us there at the time). Everyone after us got the short and sweet version. Hee! Pays to show up early! Good for you putting your stuff to use! I'm going to try and make some with iridescent medium. Cross your fingers!

Sonya said...

Hi Danice. Lovely to meet you on the Bossy scrapper tonight. Thanks for the recipe on Glimmer mist! I will have a go at making it! Love your blog by the way.

Nic said...

wonder if you could sell it on TM to make some pingas?? I remember how wet and runny the stuff was you had at Senz, yours looks much better!

Jenny said...

Hi Danice - I came visiting. Your glimmermist recipe looks good - I'll have to get some pearl-ex

Niella said...

oh I want some of these colours! FAVE!!

Perhaps we should do some demo's:):) me likes that idea!

Tracy L said...

Very cool Danice! Just not sure what that decoupage lacquer is, never heard of it - or did you use PVA? BTW, I hear you are coming to the retreat on Saturday?? See you there!