Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lets see who I bumped into today:

And even tho I am aware I will be very VERY unpopular (hahahahaha) I cant resist, check out the goodies they are Gorgeous! and who do we have here??? its Niella (Paperbutton) and her sister Bee, both girls are hugely talented and supply some sweet wee mini kits from Random Kits & Peices

These were taken at Kraft Bomb which was kinda interesting.. aye Niella? there was certainly some unique stuff and I'm glad i went !


Nic said...

looks like fun! nice to put some names and faces together.

Niella said...

LOL! So happy that you popped over D! Hey I said too crop! be sharing that HG paper w/ me now!! LOL:)

Donna said...

the glimmermist does look fun, I will just have to get ahold of some pearlex, not any here in my area sigh, they don't carry much around here. Well that is just another reason to head out of town lol
The Kraftbomb looks interesting!!