Saturday, October 25, 2008

UH OH I'm in trouble..

Not my fault beth! you werent in chat room!
anyway, to pacify you, I went running off to Kmart to purchase some spray bottles, the only ones i could find were Bratz liquid candy ones so I grabbed a couple to make this recipe that the Wonderful and generous Beth found for us, I was definatly slightly sceptical, but I will try things, and VOILA!!! it really did work! and it is GLIMMERMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have had my pearlex powders for ages, Lucky for me I happen to have colours that I dont have in the glimmermist already, and I'm quite shocked it worked!
let me know if anyone else makes it too!!!


Michelle said...

I've never seen it made that way. I use glimmer mist often and have made about 6 custom colors made from a tuitorial on Tim Holtz blog! I would think that the liquid laquer might clog up the tip after a while.
here's tim holtz info...

Danice said...

Thats what i thought too Michelle! I dont have the stuff that Tim Holtz suggests which is why I used this recipe, but it seems to be fine so far! the water in the modpodge must keep it liquid but frankly if it clogged up tomorrow I'd still have saved masses of money!

NanaBeth said...

Pictures of finished product please. You know I forget about the time difference, so I had visions of your running to the store at 1:30 in the morning! I was so impressed with your dedication.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any pearlex stuff so I made mine with water and a good dab of twinkling H2O's and that works well too - though I am going to try your idea of food colouring to get a brighter colour.
Thanks for the ideas.
Christine C