Friday, October 17, 2008


I tidied my room!
Not absolutely entirely perfect, but Oh man it makes such a massive difference! I've organised a "free box" which is (oops 2) wee boxes of stuff im NOT going to use. I was ruthless (thanks Nic!) and got rid of so much paper, im talking 2 full accordian files and another massive pile im just RAPT! The paper I kept is mainly for cards and the rest is already in page kits with photos ( LOVE buying paper for the photo straight away)
Tomorrow I will be making the effort to tidy up the ribbons and flowers, luckily cos I use those so much they are pretty organised already.
THEN I'm going to scrap alllll weekend (for at least an hour I reckon :D)
OH must tell about the "teaching" for the Stroke Foundation yesterday.
A Company organised a demo to some of the Stroke Foundation Club Co-Ordinators, thats great, I'm all keen to demonstrate the Fiskars tools anytime let alone to people that can genuinely use these products!! but anyway I digress... to start with, the demo wasn't confirmed by the company til Wednesday, This is AFTER I explained I would need some lead time to organise some product from Australia. THAT didn't happen! luckily Bruce from Fiskars helped me out and organised some freebie products for the demo.
I turned up to the demo (bang on time) with my sister (she was my asSISTAnt hahahahhahahahah I crack me up!)
anyway bowled on in there, sat thru a nice introduction and wee powerpoint show on the history of this company... with FRiskars being mentioned (and written) all over the place, my name spelt wrong and all those little things that make someone look completely incompetent!
Any way I stood up, did my intro bit, went to pull out the make n take stuff and UH OH.
I didn't have it... I felt this big but never fear! Danice is here!!! So I started to demonstrate my tools completely off the cuff, and to cut a long story short, was the best demo I have ever done, and I know there are 7 lil old ladies that adore me AND Fiskars tools now! :D I forget what it was like being a sales rep, and I couldn't look at Jodie til we got in the car for fear of just cracking up and not being able to stop.. apparently she now knows that yea I really do have the gift of the gab!
So now my room is looking nice, im off to bed ready for a early start scrapping!


dizzy Lizzie said...

ooh want to see pic of the new room!!!! May take a ride out tomorrow depending on DH and his plans xxx

NanaBeth said...

Well done-I'm sure you are well endowed with the gift of gab. As #2 son always says, "if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit!"