Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Over the weekend I have been doing challenges aplenty.. most of which are boring, plain but christmas cards :D the odd lil gems were the following layouts, been meaning to do this layout of Anna since forever - and Liz knows I wanted to do orange, i just never got around to it! so heres my double layout predominantly orange, with white thrown in :D
This second layout was for a Shopping challenge, so i chose to do a quickie on SENZ, the journalling says:
Flights to Wellington $140
Tickets to SENZ $30
Motel for 2 nights $77.50
3 days of scrapbook shopping
....... Not Telling .......
3 cupcakes form "The Shop" $19.50
Hanging out with internet mates and getting dodgy pics PRICELESS!


Dragonlass said...

Awesome layout from SENZ love the humour

Nic said...

Sauasages UP!

NanaBeth said...

They are both extraordinary. You rocked the shopping one, but the orange one is beautiful!