Saturday, November 8, 2008

I thought I best post something

Just to let everyone know I'm still alive!

I was officially made redundant yesterday and it's a strange feeling, especially when there was no farewell lunch, no see ya laters to other staff, its like we all got quietly showed the door and that was it!
However, all good things must come to an end and thats that.

I have been for a couple of other interviews, one is really cool but in Ellerslie, and the other is also really cool, but its full time! so we will see how far I get with both positions before I start being eager.
So I went through my layouts and for your viewing pleasure:

I did both of these layouts at the retreat last weekend, I'm trying to finish all the photos from USA and they all happen to be green.. various shades of green but green. I do adore lime green but I'm not the most imaginative when it comes to doing "matching" layouts.. in fact I suck at doubles, and layouts with more than one photo seem to be too much for me! but however, I am persevering and enjoying the challenge.


Jenny said...

Soory you were made redundant. Something will turn up

maddy hill said...

great layouts Danice !
sorry you have been made redundant x
I am sure a job will come along soon , good luck with your interviews x

mommyfink said...

nice layouts ;)

NanaBeth said...

You seem to have a real affinity for alligators.

Sandra aka Mummy said...

Mwah to you my friend, whom ever you get a job with will be the luckiest company in NZ.
Hmmmm alligators I think you can keep those for yourself hehehehe

Tona said...

Love both those layouts!

Nic said...

dont think of it as redundant, think of it as a career change to fulltime scrapper LOL