Saturday, November 15, 2008

Create 08

Is booked, I umm'd and aaah'd about going.. not the cheapest day in scrapbooking... (hahahha an understatement) but I haven't travelled outside NZ for aaaaaaaages, and seeing as my passport expires in 6 months, I figured Its a good time, and It's my brother's birthday around then (the one I forget to send a card let alone presents too)

By the way, if ANYONE needs something justified, feel free to ask me - I come up with THE BEST excuses :D this is What I'm talking about.

And I was wondering if the airlines would allow trimmers in carryon luggage? im thinking prolly not, but im going to ask.

This is also the first trip ever when I'm a non smoker, I know I know, it's something that isn't that important to most people, but after so many years of struggling on flights and drinking copious amounts of Durotuss just to get me through the flight with coughing my lungs out, I cannot wait to be "normal"! no panicking to have one last fag before getting on the flight, no panicking to get my bags before rushing outside for a ciggie, I can be calm and happy and normal, and thats kinda exciting and I'm terribly proud of myself too for not caring about smoking anymore.

Oh and by the way, Norman Ross in the Hub has half price on ALL digital photos, not just 6x4 but all sizes, I went in today and the lady was really lovely, I've busted my flash driver (extremely irritating) so had to load up a cd, and of course their machines wont read the entire cd, only the folder open GRRRR - would you believe, I spent AGES on my pc going thru and putting the photos into "small" "6x4" and "big" so I would know which pics to print and each size.

then I got to the store, and realised I had a brand spanking new cd in my handbag......... certainly wasn't the one I'd spent ages doing...
So I had to come home and get the RIGHT cd, took it back and the lady was really nice in helping me, and I finally figured out how to get all the different little sizes!

So the upshot is that I got a bunch of neat photos all different sizes, and umm I got a new mp3 player .. again...

BUT BUT BUT! it was a really good deal, down from $130 to $98 AND he threw in a set of bluetooth headphones (wireless ones!) which are worth about $60 so you can see why I couldn't resist!

See the buttons- they are really cool cos they glow, and that makes the entire purchase TOTALLY worth it!
I am currently charging them both and hoping I don't get this one damaged, I have changed the course of fate too, its not pink, its Purple, SO THERE fate! (I'd poke my tongue out too but that might be tempting fate too much!)
So whilst my new toy is charging I need to reorganise my desk that was tidy two days ago and is now a mess again, and I shall get into some scrapping!

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Bronwyn said...

That is so awesome and hey who needs excuses to go - such a fantastic experience
yay for the new mp3 - purple is good
It was lovely to meet you again at the scrap retreat thanks for being so friendly
Have an awesome time in Aussie