Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday happiness!!

I booked a very short holiday today :D to visit my big brother for his birthday, Im pleased i did it... I SO need a holiday! (yea, I'm being sarcastic)
And today I am all keen to go to a job interview, and then pop over to the shore to visit NZ Scrapbook... I'm positive there are things that need purchasing and I'll know what those are when I get there........
The bucket on Jess's head didn't work, Derek decided the bucket should come off cos it looked healed, I said no, he said he was gonna do it anyway, so I took the bucket off while he was home then I went out...... and of course now her ear is buggered again... quite upsetting cos she did really well to put up with it that long! I am undecided what to do now.


Nic said...

Good luck with the interview - and yay for a trip to Aussie!!!

NanaBeth said...

Put the bucket on Derek's head obviously. Have a good interview and trip-sounds like fun. Seriously the collar is the only way to keep her from messing with her ear. Want me to come down and whack him upside the head?