Friday, December 26, 2008

All over red rover!

Til next year anyway! Christmas day was fun and games, and boxing day was good too, went shopping at umm lunch time, started of at Kmart, got some great deals on towels and finally bought some more fluffy pillows.moseyed on over to Briscoes, was considering buying baking stuff, but the lines were horrendous, bumped into a friend who was braving the crowds alone with her 5 month old son who is entirely adorable even if he is a big chubby that needs his stroller (im sure people weren't impressed but hey! mums are allowed to go shopping too!) so we both inspected Farmers, then time for lunch, then into Whitcoulls, Postie Plus etcetc, I ended up at home at 4pm, only to have Derek say "I didn't think you wouild be home so early" so I buggered off out again, this time Warehouse Stationery (the 50% off arts and craft is excluding Cuttlebug off course) but i did find some flowers that i have been eyeing up, also popped into the Warehouse which was pretty sad really, not much in there to amuse me, so I toddled home to finish my trifle :D
I'm almost paying attention to the movie "Just married", I'm not into movies so much other than Shrek of course, but this one is pretty funny, I might just last the whole thing :D

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