Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas day in MY house!

God I forget how much I love TV on Christmas day with no ads! I love it!, Santa has been and gone in my house :D the dog gets toys and derek gets presents and I get told stories about a vacuum cleaner coming my way..... I'm not sure he has remembered the hedge trimmer incident (suffice to say, we dont have a hedge and we have never had one either)
I'm not silly so under the tree is a present TO me FROM me. And its something I am quite keen on!

I took a photo of my tree, its minus heaps of presents cos I already dropped most of them at the neices on Sunday,
They were allowed to open a present each as well the lucky wee ducks! remember I only put it up last week, and Derek had to assist by untangling the lights - my new years resolution is to buy LED lights that dont tangle so easy, im not sure if they exist yet or not.. I will be hunting for them!
And this is a photo of dad playing with his santa that you pulled the finger and you can imagine what happens! he vibrates and farts and says "ho ho ho bet you didnt ask for THAT on your list" and "oohhh hooo Christmas scents!" etc etc


NanaBeth said...

I'm thinking the Christmas Santa is the perfect gift for several people I know!

Tona said...

Merry Christmas Dana! So what did you give yourself?

Genevieve said...

You can keep your Santa! Hee! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

LOL I have the exact same Santa.
I hope you had a great day in your craft room with no ads on TV.
Christine C

Tracy L said...

Awwwww, cute photos! And I want to know what you gave yourself too...