Monday, December 22, 2008

well yeah, its been ages

And to those that are worried about my lack of interweb visibility, never fear! I am here, but due to me being lazy and still recovering from aussie, I have been remiss in my activities! especially my scrapping. The last thing i did craft wise was the Product Preview of some Kaiser products at NZ Scrapbook, was a neat night but I'm TIRED!
been reading a few books again lately too, however, today I went and got some ingredients for the favourite christmas pudding... TRIFLE! such a damn shame that Derek doesnt like it :D and the flattie is away in Wellington for a month... I shall have to eat the poor wee thing ALL on its own!
I am expecting by now that everyone is keen for Christmas to be over and done with, and yet all im excited for is a day allll to myself! well, mostly, I already went to the farm yesterday (another neat drive too) and saw the kids open one of their gifts, dad played with the farty santa (pull my finger sort of thing) and all i need to do now is visit Dereks dad on the day and I shall be allllll ready for pigging on trifle and scrapping :D


Tona said...

Sounds like you have some fun days ahead of you. I'n one of those that's ready for it to get over so everything can get put back away & things gets back to normal. Actually I'm even more ready for the snow to go away. It's pretty to look at but a pain to drive in.

Nic said...

mmm trifle..... mmmmmmm.... must make one too

NanaBeth said...

OMG-I found TIM TAMS in Target!!!!