Thursday, January 15, 2009

Confessions of a scrapaholic.

I found this poem on Nicole Humphries blog. Made me crack up laughing so I thought I needed to share:
A Scrapaholic's Confession
Author: K Haynes
(Note: CHAOS = Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

Bless me, Scrap Fairy, for I have sinned, I know that's hard to believe;
But it's not my fault, I'm a victim, you see, Of a sickness, a curse, a disease...
They say that confession is good for the soul, But I'm not convinced that that's true.
So I'll tell you my faults and shortcomings, And I'll leave the decision to you.
That scrapbooking thing has got me for sure; I start with the best of intentions!
Just let me check the CK website-- Oh look! A list of conventions!
Snacking is good to help with my scrappin' Though I tend to overindulge.
Cakes and cookies and chocolates galore! My bulges are starting to bulge!
Oh my! How I buy the things I don't need Eyelets and ribbons and vellums.
If anyone asks, "I've had it for years!" At least, that's what I tell 'em!
A scrap room? What's that? Stuff's all over the house I suffer from *CHAOS,*
you know, No one comes, no one visits, except UPS He's my very best friend, that Joe!
Buy now! It's on sale! They won't have it again!
The gadgets, the papers, the glues Look at the money that I can save! How can I possibly lose???
Organization is an area where I am certainly lacking I need help with that,
say But how can I do it? I've got things to do! How can I waste a whole day?
So here I sit amongst all of my clutter Housekeeping's a thing of the past
Dusting and vacuuming and tidying up What's the point??? It just doesn't last!
I have too many ideas and not enough time They say that denial is rough I have it...
I know it....can't find it.... Oh well....I'll just buy some more stuff.
I know that they pay me to do a good job But this 8 to 5 job gets so stressful I need a vacation...
I need to relax... And then I will be more successful!
I spend time at work doing scrapbooking things I search for a phrase or a verse
The perfect layout is all that I need My addiction is more like a curse!
I tell my husband that if I should die The best thing for him to do Is to have a garage or a fire sale And be sure to include all of Y-O-U!
I guess I'm a sinner, so give me my penance And hurry! Send me on my way!
I've a 40% coupon right here in my purse Oh my expires today!


Chris C said...

Perfect way to describe us all.

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

hehe, i like it!

Colleen said...

I love this, think I need to print and frame this.