Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bad bad Car!

On the way to work this morning, some inconsiderate prats decided to have a nose to tail pile up at Khyber Pass, for those that don't know, thats nearly IN town onthe motorway. the traffic was stopped alllll the way back to the East Tamaki on ramp, my car over heated and yeah turned to a real nightmare when i finally got off the motorway and car stopped at the lights and wouldnt go, luckily i had 3 strapping young men that helped me push start. And thanks to Christine C for the on motorway amusement! was nice to see you again even it it was only thru the car windo!!
To alleviate my pain, i went shopping and took advantage of this fantastic Offer!
The voucher is from NZ Scrapbook in Glenfield, let me know if you go and what you get!!!
and i bought this: (without the pretty stuff) its quite small - remember ATC's are only 2.5 x 3.5

So thats what I have done today. car is currently with Derek hopefully getting "repaired" enough to be able to drive to work tomorrow!
Meantime i have some ATC's to get underway, might turn into a new fad for me!


Maursie said...

Glad you had some strapping men handy LOL. Thanks for chatting tonight.
Try the moon thing - it is actually a lot of fun.
Maursie xoxo

Tracy L said...

ROFL!! I can just picture it! What were the strapping young men like? *sigh*

dizzy Lizzie said...

OFL with Tracy!! Not good about car but just your luck to find sctrappin' young men. Love ya purchase didn't know you into ATC's!! Not able to go to NZ scraps for some reason!! xxLol

pattyb said...

Nice shopping. I love what you got. I also wanted to thank you for the stamps. I got my first international piece of mail and from New Zealand. I hope to go there one day. I've heard it's absolutely beautiful. Maybe when the kids grow up. Thanks for the rak, I love the stamps and can't wait to use them.

Ann said...

That's a painful way to start the day, hope your car is fixed soon.

Glad to see you spent your voucher wisely, you are going to fill that carousel up pretty quickly soon.