Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here I am!!

Kind of! My pc is stuck together again, kind of! meaning its got all its bits but the sides aren't on it.. to be honest I'll tell you a secret.. (it normally looks like that cos I hardly ever put the sides on it!) but moving along- I was keen to scan a couple of layouts for you, getting into that Tim Holtz Distress Ink.. so was going to show and tell that, and also a plainer layout using black and sassafras lass, have I interested anyone yet? If it was me reading this blog, I'd be pretty annoyed about now going "duh" don't bother TELLING what you have, SHOW IT!
But I can't.
My darling pc has not yet noticed there is a printer or scanner attatched, and more to the point, it seems to have estranged itself from the CD Rom.... which it was friends with earlier today!
All in all it means that at 11.46pm I cannot be bothered fixing it.
Also, we haven't managed to crack into the old hdd yet, and fingers crossed we will, I am understandably concerned about the music (4 years worth and some random stuff I probably cant replace) and the photos (up to 1000 at this stage including wedding pics and baby pics of other peoples that I cant replace)
Then I realised that I can still get hold of all the music from my previous hdd.. so would only be missing the music I have gotten recently, until the lil light went on in my brain (see!!! I have one that works sometimes!) and realised, (quite embarrassed too) that all my new music is on my MP3 player :D which is great news for the music, unfortunatley not so wonderful for the photos! If worst comes to worse I shall cough up the big bucks and send it to one of those forensic places that specialise in recovering data from damaged hdd's - if anyone has used a service like that, please let me know how it was!


Tona said...

Glad to see you're back...even if it's kind of back. I'll be looking forward to seeing your layouts once you're able to post them. My parents have had to have info retrieved from a computer before. They took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy & I'm assuming you don't have that sorry I can't help you there. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Danice

This is your Pergamano mate, KK. I had to retrieve stuff from my HDD when it died from Computer Forensic. They managed to retrieve everything for me, but it was a very expensive exercise, cost me over $1k!!. Well, I figured it was $$ well spent as I could not replace the wonderful memories, ie to have my photos. Well lesson from there is I decided to invest in external HDD, which is really good, I haven't lost any data since then, even though one of my external HDD died, and all the data is still on the PC, so I just replaced another external HDD.

Good luck with the data retrieval.

Danice said...

ouch! im not sure i want $1k worth of memories LOL (the photos ive lost are only from the last 3-4 months) but I have found a place that does it, and if they dont retrieve data they dont charge, Ill be ringing them tomorrow to find out more, by the way - HI KK!

NanaBeth said...

There is a really good one here in town. Jump on a plane and head on over!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are "kind of back", I hope you get everything working again soon and that you manage to get all your data back.
My only experience with retreiving data is when the server at work died and no one had been changing the back up tape (which was old and had it and was no longer working)*insert blush here* it was very expensive, but we got it all back.
I hope you find a cheap alternative.
Christine C

dizzy Lizzie said...

hee hee yep I have seen your sideless comp!!! It far too cold here and can't wait to be back in scortching hot NZ!! Hope you well and see ya soon xx