Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on the cat .. and thank you!

RIght to start with, gentleman and his wife believes it is definately NOT his cat... because his cat has no ginger tones....this cat doesn't have ginger tones either!? I am really disappointed, not that puss hasnt gone home, but that someone would refuse to bother even going to look, and rely on not very good photos to decide something so important! And surprisingly, in the email I received I was under the impression that this is an extremely religious family, to the degree that I got ALOT of religious wishes etc. yet, they refuse to have a tiny bit of faith.... weird, and I have decided that puss doesnt need to be in a house like that after all!.

SO after that all happended I was lucky enough to spend the whole day scrapping but not really, I'm doing my first ATC swap and seeing as you all know me.. its a big one! nothing small and gentle for my first time! swap is 50 and its off USA states. I was able to choose Louisiana (lucky cos its the only state i know anything about!)So ive pretty much sorted them out. - these are pretty much the ingredients:

And because I am having fun with them, Dallas and I are going to do some lil swapsies for each other too - i have a whole carousel to fill!


NanaBeth said...

You are getting too fricking artsy for the likes of me. After our "conversation" I settled on mine. A giant mosquito with a peach stuck on its stinger sitting on the back of an alligator. What you think!

Niella said...

They sooo look like the same cat to me!!

Purrrrfect match! Gigs.

Kelly said...

oooooh - looks very interesting with the bits and the bobs. I love the look of your alphas there too. Of course I don't have too many already!!