Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I better post on Birthday Eve!

I know lots of people prefer to have no fuss on their birthday's.. thats NOT me!!! I love it, and I like to make everyone happy for me too, and who isn't happy when it's someone else's birthday!?? even if it is someone you don't know well or someone you just happen to see in the shop, its always nice!

Sooo I went to the Favorite Product evening at NZ Scrapbook where We got some great journalling tips, and as normal, the product was brilliant as well!

And thank you to Kerry Sue and Christine C who both made me lovely cards, much appreciated and will be on the wall asap!


Jennie said...


Tona said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a great one!!!!!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Danice!!!
I hope Derek is taking you out somewhere nice for dinner???

Have a fabulous day buddy.

NanaBeth said...

Happy Birthday to you dear tartlet!

Dragonlass said...

Happy Birthday Danice.
Hope you have had a great day and get to have a great evening as well :)

Beverley said...

Happy Birthday!