Friday, February 20, 2009

Beth, this is your fault.

I'm bored - Nic has neglected me, decided that a crop is more exciting than me. I wont forget that.
And before America's next top model started, I decided I needed a wee snack for later on... So I stocked up to last me through the weekend then Beth totally depressed me (she knows why) so this is alllll her fault :D and yeah - i really have eaten the rest, since I started typing this post, the number of eclairs has diminished to 6. that wont take me long to finish of!
the chocolate is for after. and if you can see in the back ground there- thats my 52 Louisiana state ATC cards- with much love to Tona - those sleeves rock! thank you!!!


Nic said...

I got home on the pumpkin side of midnight and you weren't online - so have assumed from this that you are in a sugar induced coma. I believe this can also be attributed to being Beth's fault. PRocess of elimination, its not mine so it must be hers!

Tona said...

Lol! I can't believe you ate all those eclairs...they do look good though.
Glad that your ATC sleeves arrived safely and you like them.

NanaBeth said...

Personally I think the incredible artistic design talent showcased in the ATC's is fueled by the chocolate.Therefor I am responsible for the emergence of a new creative genius and should be applauded for my wisdom and insight!