Friday, February 20, 2009

Rain rain come and play!

I adore rain, I'm a definate winter fan, what better excsue is there to curl up in a nice comfy warm bed with a great book and the tv on mute! You may well note the time here too- 7.11am been here at work since some ungodly hour, and it was so dark! I'm trying to get some work done so I can leave early... and you may well guess why I want to get home early... and you would likely be right - I want to scrapbook! however, there is a little issue in the fact I cant actually see my desk for the crap on it. So really I'm getting home early to tidy my desk so I can scrapbook later, and with this type of weather, looks like its gonna be an all nighter ! yipeeee.
PS Beth- oh my god, its YOUR fault I'm doing stupid pedantic things! I must change this influence because it will start scaring my friends.
PPS - I found a chocolate shop called Phillipes, the shop assistant is french, tis very cute.... truffles and raisin danishes- hmmmm apparently one is not meant to scoff 4 truffles at one time. Well, now I know that I should purchase more and eat them in a far better manner.


Nic said...

you mad tart - I was still asleep at 7.11am!! I'm cropping tonight too, so if you are still around at midnight I will stop by msn to see if you have created one of your usual pieces of art!

Anne said...

Our rains been and gone! I too much prefer Winter, and I can feel it just around the corner! Yay!! I seem to get much more scrapping/card making accomplished during the Winter time.