Friday, March 20, 2009

I deserve a nice night and tonights IT!

Been busy and poor and busy and did I mention busy in the last month of weekends, so havent had much of a chance to go out, god who am I kidding? I never go out anyway. But tonight I am, originally was planning on a night out next weekend, but wont hurt to go out twice in a row - I'll point out that this is mostly Carla's norty but totally acceptable influence.
So Kingsland is having a "street party" tonight, and seeing as I live reallly close and it's not going to be an $80 taxi bill home I have rounded up a few girls and off we go!
Can't be a big one (god how many times have people said this exact thing and staggered home at 9am the next day!???) because I have to leave for a family wedding at 10am tomorrow morning... god help me if I even have one red vein visible in my otherwise pristine eyes.
be more tempted to skip the wedding and straight on to the reception at the farm - I do love being a farm girl at heart - we have the best parties and its an excellent reminder that we really dont need flash DJ's or a nice bar stool to have a rip roaring good time! lucky that, cos hay bales arent always the most comfie seats!
no photos cos I left my camera at home, talking to an old work colleague and mentioned I had to close my office door - he nearly had a heart attack when he realised I really mean "my" office door, so obviously I didn't make a big enough announcement about getting my very own office!
and I look around, and know all the scrapbookers will smile, there are some lovely pink altered art things on the notice board and desk! So thats for next week!


Tracy L said...

oh, so you are busy being sociable, is that why we haven't heard much from you lately... hope you have a great night tonight, and enjoy the wedding tomorrow.

Tracy L said...

Oh, dumbass that I am, I forgot to tell you that I have a 'lovely blog' award for you over on my blog.