Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Not the nicest morning start!

Being all enthused and happy and early! I thought I'd catch the bus to work, and bowled on out the door as enthusiastic as the fluffiest box of fluffies! and wandered past the basement garage, thought I'd best peek in to check the car, and not a pretty sight, "stuff" was near the rear of my car and the car next to it, so I went into and found a huge pile of glass, my car had been broken into, as had the car next to me, I was really dismayed, but pretty relieved that nothing obvious was taken, looked like they had been thru the glove box and possibly the boot, but not taken anything - id taken the stereo faceplate off and left it in the middle console which looks like they didnt look inside, lucky cos all in all the stereo/amps/subs are worth pretty much more than the car, not so important to me these days, although I do especially like music in the car! while i was reporting the incident to the police centre we realised that another two cars had been broken into the other end of the carpark too, made me feel a whole lot better in fact!
so yea couple of police men came along really quickly which i certainly wasn't expecting- and cute they were too!!! that went along way towards cheering my faltering disposition :D
all in all not a huge scary drama, but did p*ss me off, originally the quotes to replace the window was $500 I've gotten it down to $200 which I'm pretty happy about. But I reckon tomorrow will be a fantastic day!
(ps NO, i dont have insurance, I'm lucky if the damn thing has WOF and rego at the same time!)


NanaBeth said...

I swear to you this is a true story. One morning there was a knock on the door (we were living in a "flat" than) and there was a policewoman at the door. She asked if the little blue piokup truck was mine. I told her actually it belonged to one of my sons. She said she sorry to have to tell me that someone had broken into it and trashed the interior. So we walk over and I look inside. Had to tell her no actually that was how it looked all the time.

Tona said...

That's awful about your card!It would p*ss me off too. At least you had a couple of cute policeman to look at for a while.
& Beth, your story is too funny.

Michelle said...

so sorry! glad nothing important was taken!

Tracy L said...

Danice, how freakin' annoying! B******s!! Good you got the quote down though.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dana - what a bugger, I am glad they didn't take all your speakers and radio too, but having to fix the glass is a real pisser.
I hope you at least got a phone number from the cops (just in case lol)

PS too funny Beth - problem is I can see that happening with my car at the moment.

Christine C

Danice said...

OHHH my god Beth, yeahhhh that prolly IS what they were thinking! Nah Christine! no phone numbers gotten!!! I obviously wasnt thinking clearly and missed out. does that mean ill need another crime committed to get phone numbers!? damn.