Saturday, April 25, 2009

ANZAC Day Dawn Parade

And yup! I was there, at the Domain in Auckland City. It wasn't that cold, and the rain respectfully held of to an unnoticeable drizzle.
I didnt take any photos either, It felt weird to take photos to be honest, and so sad to see the Veteran numbers low, but on the other hand, great to see so many kids there!
And seeing as the shops were closed half the day, I, like thousands of others thought the world was ending so rushed off to the shops this afternoon to ensure the world really WASNT ending, and to buy new winter shoes. Which I did and am too lazy to take pics off - suffice to say they are pretty similar to last years winter shoes and the year before that too... one might say I have a certain "style" that I continue to shop for... black, stiletto heels, platform soles, and rounded toe. Not too hard!
I also tried on a bunch of jeans and was sadly too small for the size 14's :( I then had a moments silence in rememberance of the fat that has gone ..... and now im pissed off cos i cant quite fit my Lee 12's yet. YET. Now I have something really physical to aim for - cos I cant fit other sizes properly!
Also I have decided that in celebration, Im going out tonight. Well I had already decided to go out now I have an excuse is all. Enjoy your anzac evening and hopefully I will be home to blog and create something exciting tomorrow.


Nic said...

you were good to be up that early - or hadnt you been home yet? lol

Paul, Kim and Luke said...

Re Nic's comment above: My guess is you were on your way home, stumbled through the Domain, wondered what was going on (in your hungover state) and then realised it was ANZAC Day.
And congrats on the weight loss!! Well done :) I'm green with envy

Tracy L said...

Lol at Kim's comment! Good on you for going to the Dawn Parade; I have to admit I've never been - but I do sympathise; it's just too early in the morning for me... and yay for size 12 jeans; not far away now - cow. I have a loooong way to go before I can even think about size 12... Hope you had a good night!