Friday, May 1, 2009

Look what I made!

It's taken me hmm, nearly two weeks and countless curse words, and many panicked msn messages to lots of people, but I think I am happy with "the" card.
The story begins like this, new male friend, hes not a mechanic, hes someone I knew many years ago. But... dilemma. Hes new right? and its his BIRTHDAY next week. there is NO way I cant do something special for him, hes a special kinda bloke, OOH and girls! he let the secret formula slip!!! "3 nights in a fortnight and NO more" <- boy secret! of course we have trashed his formula much to both of our suprise, but we have taken it upon ourselves to decree each new day is the start of a new fortnight... I digress. His birthday. what to do what to do!? he KNOWS I make paper stuff, the adorable man even came home and mentioned that he saw Warehouse Stationery doing a photo special for .12c each.. how cute is that!? of course I had to point out that I prefer matt photos only and the Warehouse can only do gloss.. but its the thought that counts right!?
So I took it upon myself to make something nice for him, he has a lovelyframed print in his house that I would love to take my scissors and ink to - its a lovely vintage sepia type print that I think is nice. and I have mentioned I would like to just cut that bit there and distress that edge and ink that bit and make sure the script bit is embossed etc etc... he just nodded politely and smiled. (I think he did wonder if he should perhaps "remove" the print but he left it)
SO in my infinite creativity (that was sarcasm by the way) I decided to recreate the print! in the manner in which *I* think would make it better.
So here it is:

The funny thing is - the one on his wall is NOT pink, NOT cupid, has NO music script, NO hearts .. etc etc - you get the idea?
Anyway. onto other things - who else is doing the CraftyTart Top Trend Scrapper! its gonna be HARD but I havent done anything in ages (see above 2 weeks and its for a 4.5 x3.5" card topper ffs) If you dont know what I'm talking about go subscribe to the emails and you too will be in the know!


Nic said...

ooooooooooooh is purty! I like!

Danice said...

not worried if you like it nic! im worried if HE likes it!!!!
ps be careful you might get the original jsut to show how you CAN make cards rather than buy them for $1.

Kelly said...

oooh - this is purty!! Bet said lad likes it lots :)

NanaBeth said...

Oh-forgot to comment. Probably because the cupid's rather large rotund rear end reminded me of my own!