Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'll even put photos up!

Not a realllly eventful weekend, but had a great night last night at Queen: It's a Kind of Magic, this is the second time I've been and although the crowd was smaller, it was still great fun! helps that they supply alcohol in the form of Raro too.
This is me getting the autograph of lead guitarist "Brian May" - he prefers the "crotch" to sign on... nice one Trav! also happens to be my cousin from Aussie - so it was neat to catch up :D
Thanks to Kerry Sue and Scott for Chauffeuring me, Definite bonus to living in town that I'm pretty much on the way to everywhere!
And then this morning I decided to make a quickie card, using the scraps from "The Card" (Which by the way he hasn't received yet, there is an illness in the family and things are all over the place)


Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

Raro is awesome!!! hehe. We look really special in that pic (can't even blame the raro yet) It was a fun night, got a sore throat now.

Kelly said...

Gee, you guys must have a different kind of raro to the ones sold down this way!! Looks like a fun night out tough.