Thursday, May 21, 2009

New job stuff.

Today, I became a "trolley girl".
Yes, you heard me right - a trolley girl. Now don't get me wrong, I have never thought any job to be beneath me or that I'm "better" than a job. But I have to admit that I did not for one second thought I would need to use anything other than a bit of brute force to be good at trolleys.
Being a trolley boy/girl is SO not easy. First, you have to avoid traffic - lots and lots of traffic, lots of harried mums dying to get the hell OUT of the car park cos they are going to be late to drop munchkin off to kindy.. then theres the sales reps that simply must get out of the carpark for their 11am appointment..
Then theres the retiree's... god almighty, I'm not even going to comment on the ol' dears.
SO yeah, avoiding being made into asphalt covering is a fairly major task all on its own - now, add 7 trolleys (ies!?) together, tie them with a strap and start avoiding the same traffic..... I promise you now, its hard, and even amazing that our cars manage to get out of a supermarket carpark with few dents and scratches (and if you were at a supermarket on the north shore today and your car is now scratched .. umm sorry!!!!!!)
But I must say thank you VERY much to the person who first left a Listener on the trolly.. excellent cos i know now that Kill Bill is on Saturday night .. channel 2.
and then I got a real treat! someone left the latest PC World in the trolley - brilliant cos it had a review of external HDD which was interesting and also a few tips for those wanting a Win 7 but still running Vista.. interesting stuff!
Right so anyway, I popped over to Stampzone in Albany too, just for a squizzzzzzz
and, im one of "them" now. Officially even.
I spent $42 on ONE set of UNMOUNTED stamps.
that so makes me one of "them"
Course i have no freaking clue what to do with them now.. Im waiting for the lovely Dallas to pop online and tell me how simple it is to use them.... I got these ones:

AND! who saw True Blood last night!??? its so cool... I have masses of the music now cos i couldnt wait til the 25th May for the soundtrack, but I'm now considering a trip out to Sylvia Park tonight to get perhaps just ONE of the books... just 1! (and we all know ill read it by the time i go to bed, and by this time next week i will have spent all my money on blimmin books!)


Nic said...

you are a retailers dream LOL

Michelle said...

wow, that's a chink of change! don't any of your stores take coupons?

Love the stamps, good design...maybe you should shop on-line...better deal?

NanaBeth said...

Language interpretation problem-what is a trolley girl?

Ann said...

Hey you, nice to catch up with you the other day.

You really need all of the True Blood books.....What good is one!?
You can get a set of seven, that should keep you busy for a while....hehe

Danice said...

gee THANKS Ann! I dont need to be directed to the $125 set of True Blood books...(I already found it LMAO!)