Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Busy bee that I am

Ok, so the Trueblood DVD Series 1 isn't out yet. I am scrapping well, working on lovely lo that I dont want to finish because I enjoy it so much - does anyone else do that!? but at the same time I got suckered into Twilight........ *sigh* its no True Blood thats for sure, but its not bad, basically its a love story and its very cute - although who the HELL thought of casting Carlisle is nuts- hes hideous and not even "movie star handsome" as the book portrays.
thanks to Tracy, I have read the first book, and halfway through the second, but the second is definately harder to get through - not quite as pacey But not bad.
I have also realised that we all have skills/talents in scrapbooking - whether we realise it or not!
but I know what mine is - its changing the colour of stuff - sounds simple, but its knowing WHAT to use and when that makes the difference, and talking to Nic about it who poo poo'd the idea then it was pointed out that shes great at lining stuff up without rulers etc - THAT is a great trait to have!
So because I have no pictures and I need to go to the post office on Monday.. RAK time!
Tell me what your "thing" is and I shall draw a random name on Monday for these cool Oodles of Doodle Fiskars stamps! (international welcome :D)
PS: Beth - Trolley boy/girl - people that collect trolleys in the supermarket carpark (similar in reputation perhaps to the Walmart greeters)


Lisa said...

Wow - love reading your blog by the way and seeing all your wonderful creations - The ATC cards are great.
What am I good at - I think that would be having the right thing for the right place on all my friends pages. - I collect crap!!!! but useful to everyone else but me!!!!
Have a great sunny day

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

So why were you being a trolley girl?
I dunno what I am good at? Hmm... will have to think about that.

Nic said...

like you said, mine is being able to eyeball a straight line. I had to explain trolley dollys to Beth today too LOL

Dragonlass said...

Mine would have to be mixing mediums, using different products to create a different look and see the possibilities in every day objects.

Sandra aka Mummy said...

Hmmm what is my thing? how about biffing stuff at a page and calling it scrapbooking hehehe

artycrafty said...

don't include me in the RAK draw....

I should really get on the Twilight band wagon too... Maybe one day. ;)

My fave vampire movie while growing up was "the Lost Boys" lol gee that shows my age aye!

and then "the interview with a vampire" was rather breath taking!

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

I know, I am good at doing bows. I tie everyones bows for them, hehe!

NanaBeth said...

Not doing Twilight-TruBlood is where it's it. Now that I understand the trolley girl thing, it could be great fun if someone you didn't like came along!

NanaBeth said...

Earth to Dana-are you alive? Have you become a vampire?