Saturday, June 13, 2009


I know, its been AGES. but I didn't feel like blogging.
So a catch up post. Where to start!?? Ok, firstly, I've been sick, started as a cold and ended up as flu, much better now, just a little weak after exercise.
This morning I went to the Elizabeth Arden sale - I Adore her stuff, and its my preferred brand of make up and skin care products, and it just so happens that I have run out of moisturiser, and running low on foundation, so it comes at a perfect time! I got some moisturiser, cleanser/toner/primer for $30!! saved me about $120 but unfortunately no foundation so I'll have to cough up and pay full price but I dont feel so bad doing so when I have the moisturiser cheap!
scrap stuff:
Im still doing a bunch of ATC's but slacking off cos I have some due err yesterday and I havent done them- I am totally stumped on what to do!
layouts, well Ive been doing them every week for Crafty Tart, cant remember the last one I showed so Ill show all of them:This one was for Up2Scrap's May challenge (non square shapes)

This one for Prima's may sketch of the monthThis one is home made embellishments for Crafty Tarts weekly challenge- I cut the birds then used cuttlebug to emboss then heat embossed the raised bits, then i stuck a bunch of basic stuff to create a home made cluster - except for the leaves! and I also made the title frame and made the flourishy bit from felt backing paper.This one is paper scrolls - I was running out of time so yeah, cant say its my favourite layout ever.
and this one is for another Crafty Tart challenge- again a non square layout.
And yes I'm using up all the wedding photos of friends because I dont have many other photos- I havent even USED my camera for a month or so at least!


NanaBeth said...

Please what in god's name were you watching on t.v. a few posts back-it's driving me crazy. I may have to get really worried about you!

Dragonlass said...

Oh my god you are alive...thought you had fallen off the face of the earth.

Ms. Jackie said...

You silly girl. I missed you. Talk to you soon