Friday, November 26, 2010

I did have stuff to say.. really!

But of course I have forgotten what it was, and seeing as I havent updated for a month, one would think I was overflowing with news!!!

I guess I need to mention the Pike River Mine and the fellows that have died underground seeing as its art of where I now live, I knew none of them personally, but obviously the effect on our town and people has been pretty awful.

All I can put out there is that I hope like anything that the men will get to be with their families once again no matter how long it takes.

Tomorrow night the DHL Saloon Series will be making an appearance at the Cobden raceway, with John Keys in attendance and as much as its cool to go watch, it means something else to me- my sister!!!!! My sister will be coming along with her husband who is pit crew for one of the guys racing and I get to see my neices too!!!!!!! can't wait to take lots and lots photos!

I have been crafting a fair bit, of course not alot to show for it seeing as its spread all over the show- hopefully good news from everywhere soon!

This one I just like, not sure if/how I can scrap it, but they are eels, friendly eels at one of Jayme's friends creek, these eels live in a calm eddy created by a fallen tree, and the eels have been there for years!
I was looking through the computer as you do, and came across the CUTEST photo ever:

Of course, now Shilo has grown up to this:

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Tona said...

Wonderful layouts. I especially like the beach baby layout.
That eel photo is interesting as wellas a great photo. The dog photo are sweet.