Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well Hello there!

I'm blogging. Obviously even!
Tracy is doing hers and seeing as I was moaning that I was bored, I agreed to update my blog. I'm a Bad Blogger by being behind blogging. That sentence took me a while to complete with the B's - just to amuse myself you understand!
I have been scrapping a bit, enough to keep me joyful, Oh and the birdcages!! ohh ohh ohhhhh I ADORE my new birdcages!!!!

Isnt it just devine! and I have used it once already, so of course rushed off to get another, and discovered they have the same birdcages in antique!!!!! so got a couple of those too.

Nothing much else happening for Christmas or New Years, just chugging along rather merrily.

The above sentence is pretty much bollocks to be fair, I am so lazy that I can't be bothered finding the pics to go with all the happenings, and anyway, seeing as I believe only scrappers read this blog, thats what I will post photos of, starting with:This is my non Christmas photo with Christmas colours.. Cees was such a cute baby and I have been very lucky to be given a bunch of very cool photos which you will no doubt be seeing more off in the not too distant future!

Next up is one of Jayme's neices all dressed up for her (pre?) school Christmas play last year, still need to get the specific info to fill in the journalling card.
OH and this one is Cees and his mum at the Baby Loves Disco err disco? in Auckland last year, the photographers did some amazing work and I have used several of the shots taken for a few layouts so far, but this particular layout was done for The Colorroom, this place has really inspired me lately not only with their sketchs, but the colour combos are pretty fun to try too!

So then, I scrapped another layout with Cees and Alesha, It's pretty amazing that after scrapbooking girls for so long, I am definately enjoying the change of boy stuff! and these photos were taken by me, and to put it bluntly, I'm a crap photographer, but these photos in a row made ME laugh, and I like them, so I scrapped them.
Enjoy! oh and Happy New Year :D


TracyP said...

good girl! And amzing work, as per usual!

Tona said...

Love your layouts!
Tell me more about those adorable birdcages. Who sells them?

inkspiring you 2 stamp said...

I NEEEEDDDD with capital letters a few of those bird cages!!! Now to find them, pleeeaaassseee tell! Happy new Yr my friend and do blog some more xx Now to see what ya did in Sept xx

inkspiring you 2 stamp said...

Looked and ya didn't blog in Sept! Was that the month ya moved?????? xxx Oh and got a new job? Ok I'll keep guessing