Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For the new Year

I am only posting cos Tracy is doing hers, Mandy is doing hers, and Jenny was lovely enough to encourage me to post- thanks! its appreciated to know people do read my blog!!!

The last week has been (mostly) stunning weather! for the West Coast you might think of grey, overcast yukky rainy cold days, but its the opposite!

I intensely dislike heat so am content to lie in bed reading a book and avoiding the sun at all costs, but thats a bit hard to do when one has a job and has to go outside to clean the work vehicle. bugger it.

But this arvo we went to the creek thats at the bottom of the paddocks, havent been down for a while, and its all changed, Jayme thinking there has been a few flash floods and changed the water pattern, but it was great because it also cleared the bottom and there were lots of sandy spots, so I was brave and went swimming for the first time this year, cant see it happening too often tho! and of course no pics of me OR the creek, except for wee Shilo the stick dog. Ill even post the beach pic I took the other day.
I havent been scrapping too much lately, Ive had a couple of early starts (and i mean like 3am early) puts me out a bit for a few days so i never feel like i have a long enough "block" of time to concentrate on a layout, but this is one that i did using the colorroom palette, i adore the photos that were taken by Maegan McDowell Photography. The makeup on Alesha was a bit much but hey ho, she still looks gorgeous and the lighting in the photos was really unique.
Hmm I have a few things I COULD post about, but I feel like keeping the secret a bit longer so Im not gonna tell (yet) (and definately NOT pregnant)


Jenny said...

Thanks Danice and I know I visit often but I don't comment - I will in future and even add a link to your blog from mine

mandyb said...

2 posts in one day!!! wowsa.... love all the layouts in the previous posts...and love the writing in the sand!!
go 365 too!!!