Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh I forgot. Project 365

I'm going to attempt this in my own spesh way, so far its fine, even getting easier, Im sure the original Project 365 was that you SCRAP the photo a day, but bugger that! so MY goal is that I take one photo a day, and upload into an album on facebook. I am wondering if I should upload them on here too??
I know other people are enjoying doing the project too, and using more than one photo a day, but I have decided that the hardest part is picking just ONE photo per day, and I think its really a bit more interesting doing it this way because I have to make a choice- usually with some input from Nic and/or Tracy and then I can scrap the ones that dont make it too.
I have so far printed all my pics out too and will slide them into a slidey in photo album with room on the side for some notes - likely manage to do more journalling like this than i would scrapbooking!
But, if anyone wants to see the photos and isnt a friend of mine on facebook, well. add me!

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Jenny said...

Good on you. I'd start off very enthusiastically but soon peter out. I did do Project 12 last year .... even if I did catch up most of them two weeks ago!