Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wedding Dress.

yes, you read right...w-e-d-d-i-n-g d-r-e-s-s... "MY" wedding dress in fact.
but no, its not what youre thinking! haha!
This post is only to explain my Project 365 photo for day 13. I couldve used another photo, but I figured why should I!? this is the picture that made my day (my week really!) but it does come with an explanation that some people already know, but lots don't.

This is my story, you can think im an idiot, you can call me stupid, but I like the idea and its happening.
You may have an inkling that I LOVE wedding photos, I ADORE them, dont care who it is or whether I know the people or not. I just love looking at them!
Last year, Jo and Larry got married.
Then Jo announces shes going to do a TTD shoot. For those that dont know that means Trash The Dress. I was rather excited about this- imagine my two fave things, brides and nature getting together!!! a bit like that yogurt add where the fruit is all smooshed together... anyway I digress.

Jo did her TTD shoot with Perspectives Photography. You can see their TTD gallery here - isnt it amazing!??
So anyway, what I couldnt figure out was that the dress Jo was wearing in the TTD shoot WASNT her wedding dress *gasp* I hear you say! oh no, that was just me, the concept was a very new one- heh why NOT get a second dress for a special shoot? Especially seeing as for water shots and movement, you need a dress with movement IN it, and personally, I like straight skirts, full skirts but not ruffles or fluffy bits... what I mean to say is, the style of wedding dress I would wear would NOT be suitable for a TTD shoot.

So. Anyway to cut a long story short, I made it clear marriage is not on the cards for me (or Jayme) for some time (if ever). What a shame cos I'd be so keen to destroy my wedding dress to get some amazing photos that I could scrapbook...

Jo says "You dont have to be married to do it..."

LIGHTBULB moment! (imagine Gru)
no, no one DOESNT need to be married to do this.

And even better, a professional photographer here in Greymouth has been DYING to do a trash the dress shoot, unfortunately he hasnt had any brides keen yet.. til me!!!!!! im not a bride per se, but that hardly matters does it!

So, I ordered my (custom fit) wedding dress, and a couple of veils, oh and the fake eyelashes.. and in the next month or two I shall have some photos to scrap :D

and.......... ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Jayme is happy for the whole thing to happen "so long as I dont have to do anything" which he does not :D


mandyb said...

i love this!!!! (and that your man is scared!!! hahahahaha)
cant wait to see the pics!!! have fun!!!

Jenny said...

Oh too funny! Have fun doing this

inkspiring you 2 stamp said...

I am sad to see that you not going to be a bride...but yup it is so you!!! have fun and btw ya look so gorg!!!!!xxxx

kelly said...

i had to read some more - I saw the pic in the jandals up there ^ a bit.... too funny! Hope you have a great day. :)