Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jenny Inspires!!!!

Jenny has inspired me by posting a lovely sunset photo on facebook, and it reminded me I have some from the other night too, you know when you see the sky, think "oh thats lovely" and by the time you go find the camera and take pics the colours have already changed again??
Meet rattie, Janine mentioned she had the knitting pattern and I jumped at the chance to get one made (seeing as I couldnt knit to save myself) and I got rattie the squished rat bookmark! love it!!
Yesterday Jayme and I and the dog went to Hokitika and on the way home we stopped at the beach- ostensibly so I could get photos because it was so calm, but of course we had to let dogbreath have a play and this is one of my fave photos, and then theres this one that reminds me of the generic Windows blue fluffy clouds pic
And then, the other day when it was stinking hot, we went to the creek for a swim (wont be showing you THOSE photos!!!) but I decided it was a good idea to try gold panning so Jayme got me a wee pan, and this is me trying my luck- unsurprisingly, I still need to work cos I didnt get rich, in fact Im shocking at panning but it did amuse us for a couple of hours and we got at least a few specks!
I was also going to show you a picture of some bikes, but I cant find the pic now and its no fun sharing news without pics so I will wait for another day to explain that!!!!


Jenny said...

Very nice, Danice. I know what you mean about the sky changing so quickly - last night I saw the sky and by the time I got upstairs to get my camera the red was fading. My boys tried gold panning in Arrowtown in 2007 but soon got bored. They also did some at Ross (near you) but I think that they deliberately put stuff in there! It was still fun.

Nic said...

cute pic of you on the creekside, you might get rich yet.

mandyb said...

ohh love those sunset pics!!! i took the same ones jenny did....from further down the valley!!!!

as for the gold panning....keep at it i never know!!!

Niella said...

Love the pics!!