Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blogging today!

Hi there!

Not a huge post today but an update at least. Yesterday was the League game between the Warriors and some Aussie team. I went because it was in Greymouth and was in aid of the Pike River Trust, a worthwhile cause indeed.

A minutes silence at the start of the game.
It was absolutely packed! way more people than I imagined, and the local paper said parking in the paddock opposite, plenty of space rah rah... not! it was too boggy so there was literally no parking!
took us ages to park and walk to the place but it was nice to see some hardcore supporters, pity the ref was a bit of an idiot according to some really vocal fans :D Heres some pics, but do remember I am very short and there were alot of people there, We left a bit early because we didnt want to get stuck in the traffic, and we realised Id left the corned beef element on at home (its ok- all safe and sound and tasted delicious!)

I think this is when the Warriors got a try, or a goal or whatever it is that garners points. Nic can tell you much more about this stuff than me!

And today I was playing dress ups again in my dress, I figure I had best try to sort this veil out seeing as I dont really have a good idea on what or how to fix it and the photos date is looming ever closer!! LOVE the styley jandals :D


Jenny said...

Lol Danice! We got given tickets once to some Super something game at the Stadium. I was so bored I wanted to come home at interval but hubby (who's really not into sport) wanted to stay to watch the end.

When is your "big day"? I am looking forward to seeing the photos

mandyb said...

love the pics!!! and so so glad the c.beef was ok!!!

loving the veil...does go well with those jandals...

Tona said...

So, you've been holding out on me lol. When are you getting married?