Sunday, February 27, 2011

The last week has been...

tragic, funny, kind, heart breaking, sad, joyous, and heaps of other stuff in between.
Sunday night things started, I had been moaning at Tracy P alllll day that my eyes were blurry, and Im naughty cos I really need my eyes checked moan whinge bleat. Several hours later I was still moaning that I felt funny and my face didnt seem to be doing what I wanted it to do, to cut a reasonably long story short, Jayme ended up realising that my eye wasnt reallllllly working. here is a video from Monday.

After attending the hospital as recommended by the Dr, It has been decided I have Bell's Palsy. Apparently it will go away could be 3 weeks, or 3 months but it will go away.
SO then on Tuesday, we had Nic C and her family came to stay, I was so happy!
Jayme was kind enough to allow me to open his house up for Nic and her family, and for someone like me who is not very social from home I was a little bit concerned at how I would cope with so many people, But I am happy to report it was fine!

My relief at having them safe with me was utterly incomprehensible and I was so grateful that I could be so calm and have so few worries about people I care about. In saying that, unfortunately my work building in Christchurch has taken a hit, and although my boss and Christchurch co workers are all fine as are their families, I am not sure when work will be back to normal for them. Damn it I still have to get up at 4.30am tomorrow to do my work. bugger.THis is a photo taken on Weds at the bread aisle, we had no bread, no basic staples, limited frozen food and no water, but there was plenty at home to go around, and I even tried my hand at making chelsea buns, and an apple pie that we made for Tracy P cos we made it while on Skype with her.

I should note that with the Cotterill influx, there were 4 laptops, an ipod, an android, 2 x blackberrys and assorted other geek stuff, and it was extra heavenly because I just upgraded to 40GB !!!!
Fish n chips for the whole family at Cobden Beach on Friday night.

SO to wrap up, my thoughts are a bit all over the place, happy that everyone I care about is ok, sad that their lives have been so horribly adjusted, happy that my face isnt falling off, even if i will look half saggy and spastic for a while, im ECSTATIC that Im attending Homegrown in Wellington next weekend with Jayme's cousins AND catching up with my big sister at the racing, Im eager to meet the newest member of Eve and Dwayne's family Chole who arrived on Weds but, most of all im grateful for being me.
Thats about as deep as you will get from me so enjoy it while it lasts!!!
thanks for reading!!


Jenny said...

Sorry your face is saggy but it sounds like it will get better soon. Enjoy Wellington next weekend!

mandyb said...

i cant find any pics of me with my bells palsy..i remember being so frustrated!!! damm those facial nerves!!!

enjoy your getaway!!!!

and YAH for you taking Nic's family in!!!

Michelle Stopa said...

Love your blogs cousin, you are awesome.