Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Such sadness,

Christchurch got absolutely hammered today, I was just popping into the New World when Jayme rang me to let me know he had felt the house shake really bad and he said Christchurch had been hit hard again, I literally hung up on him and immediately rung Nic C to make a welfare call, Nic is a pretty strong woman, and is usually cheerful and positive and looking for the good in everything, but when she says shes scared and the quake terrified her, I knew it was pretty rough.
I came home, then realised that was really dumb, and went back into town and stocked up a bit more than usual, Last quake our supermarket shelves were empty, and i coudlnt get gravy for AGES!!! I really dont know why they were short on the gravy, but im happy to say I now have plenty.
I have to get up early (4am) tomorrow morning too but I know that I will have a much bigger post with a bit more added.
But for tonight, please send warm thoughts and positive energy to those that have been affected, not just in Chc, but everywhere.

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Jenny said...

It's just dreadful