Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arent you all lucky today!

I actually have done a layout, mostly, but I havent quite finished it so no photos yet.
HOwever, I do have some other photos to show, i started off with today being about wings, then it turned into bugs, then back to wings, then bugger it, itll be whatever I want.
Bee on thistle

Shilo at the beach, what a surprise, she has a stick.

A dead fish, some sort of shark I think, the nose really is like that weird dangly thing, if anyone knows what it is, feel free to tell me!

a sea gull.


mandyb said...

i LOVE dogs with sticks!!! they get SO excited when they find them!!!! nothing like a free toy!!!

TracyP said...

wings bugs wings meh all the same lol
Loving your pics hun!!!
Shilo is so funny!