Saturday, March 19, 2011

More photos of stuff

I am wondering a little bit as to how long I shall be this enthused to be posting photos to the blog, but its such fun! following is some random shots from the last couple of days. I cant wait to learn more about the camera.  At this rate, Im having as much fun taking the photos as I usually do scrapping the photos!

A budding Daisy...

Greenstone Park Speedway, Modified Champs

A pippit bouncing around the yard.

Poor Shilo, so hard done by, you might think she needs a pillow, but no, she just likes sleeping on her toys, in this case an old water bottle.


TracyP said...

I hope your love of posting photo lsts a long time cause I like looking at them :D

mandyb said...

i too love seeing all the wildlife shots you are taking....and the show and tell of greymouth cos its been years since ive been there!!!
love that daisy shot too...stunning!!!

Jenny said...

I'm enjoying seeing your photos!