Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another photo post!

But how could I resist when I have HRH photos!
The story goes like this:  I went to hang out on the road at Shantytown waiting for his arrival.
All up there was only 12 people including a few kids waiting!
The weather was bloody awful, pouring and windy but not so freezing cold.
He arrived in a convoy, and we had no idea which vehicle he was in, so I was having to try to take pictures of all the vehicles! There were a few girls there, neighbour Colleen had the coolest fluro sign,
But luckily Deb squealed, and I got the general idea it was the second vehicle that we needed to focus on, Colleen lost the camera button, it disappeared while she was having wee heart palpitations and holding up her sign,
SO we got the first pic (very happy!!) Love that WIlliam is smiling (and John Key laughing) at Colleen's sign!
We then went back a bit later when he was due to leave and got more photos, the convoy coming out of Shantytown
 Colleen's leaving sign

All in all, an exciting event, and I am really pleased that I braved the rotten weather, possibly putting my cold recovery back a day or two, but whats a day or two for the chance of a lifetime!?


TracyP said...

Awesome!!! You are right a chance of a lifetime!! Love the photos!

mandyb said...

ahhh isnt he lovely....i stood for hours just so i could shake his hand in so like his mother in looks, sound and manner!!!! lovely guy

Kelly said...

Lucky you!

Jenny said...

I have to agree with you. When the Queen came to Wellington, we had only been NZ citizens for a very short time so we went to see her too. Not many people outside Government House but it did mean we could get photos through the car window. Well done!