Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Photos

Thanks for your well wishes yesterday girls! It seems they worked a little bit because I am feeling much better today, still stuffy but far less foggy!!
This is my old camera, Panasonic TZ1, I used this pic as my project 365 photo yesterday.
 Yesterday afternoon I went with Jayme to the Gallery, and while there I took a bunch of photos of his work and other peoples work, taking photos was fun before, but now, its AWESOME!

Playing with the lenses

One of Jayme's sculptures, jade is quite translucent need to work on my backgrounds.

Tiki, just seeing what happens with the light

Earrings, love this pic, shows the differences between jade, translucent marsden one side, and dark flower marsden on the other.

Chris Weaver Pottery, I was playing with the shadows.

of course I had to include Shilo, she was camera shy for a second....

Mr sheepie.

Ha, this is a comment sight these days, reading the camera manual!

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Jenny said...

Nice photos and I'm sure you'll enjoy your new camera