Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuff lately

I saw this and it was pretty, so I just stopped, and took a photo Serpentine Beach.

Stags are in roar , and I feel so sorry for him, cos theres a doe just over the paddock and he reallllllly wants into that paddock and I dont think its cos the grass is greener (even tho I think it really IS greener)

As you will likely know, Shilo loves sticks and this big branch lying over our driveway didnt pose a problem, she attacked it and made it her own, so proud of the lil girlie.

Followed straight after by Jayme stepping onto some moss and sinking right into it then falling over, LOVE that I take the camera everywhere and got this pic- on a side note, he fell over very quietly and it was only because I turned around to call the dog that i even saw him on his knees, and thanks to my quick reflexes, got the hehehe photo of the day :D


mandyb said...

i LOVE that you caught those last 2 pics!!! lol!!!!
also love all the dog cat carries stuff in her mouth ALL the time...weird being a CAT and all!!!

Jenny said...

Cute! I enjoyed reading this