Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wowser! another month has flown by

Dont you love the way I just used the word "woswer"? sounds good doesnt it!

And my excuse for my shocking typing all over the place lately is that I bought a new laptop and I'm not entirely used to the keys! And I happen to be a lazy typist :D
I have been doing well with my Project 365, still taking a photo every day and posting it in my facebook gallery and then printing them as a hard copy for my album.
And I've hung out at the end of the house a couple of times, This Birthday Memories layout was done for Scrappin Patch April recipe, and I thought I had uploaded it to their gallery, but obviously, I didnt. oh well.
I have grand ideas (as usual) of getting the odd Project 365 photo onto tiles(ceramic or wooden) of varying sizes and hanging them as artwork in the house.  The only issue is that I don't particularly want to spent $25 per little tile, and when I see that a block of MDF would work just as well, I get a bit tight with the wallet!
So instead I went halfsies (kind of- long story) in a canvas of one of the TTD shots, I've never bought or had a photo canvas before so I am looking forward to it!
This fly away layout was done to remind me that I AM pretty, (chubby too) that I AM nice (most of the time) and that its ok for me to be PROUD of myself. (ALL the time!)
I think I will leave this layout on the easel for while. just for those reminders! 


TracyP said...

oh crap!!! Need to go to the post office!!!!

mandyb said...

wowser alright...those layouts are stunning....AS ARE YOU!!!

Danice said...

hey! thanks Mandy :D

Jenny said...

And it helps us all to remember that especially when others try to bring us down. You remember that you are stunning!

Anonymous said...

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