Sunday, June 26, 2011


Its not that I'm lazy. Really! well, maybe.
I get busy and then I end up doing heaps of stuff that I want to blog about and I get overwhelmed and dont end up blogging about anything!!!
So today, I am dedicated to spending a decent amount of time posting photos and updating my blog.
Last week I attended the Left Bank Art Gallery opening night for the Electronet photo comp, I have three photos exhibited!!!!!!!! didnt win anything but thats ok, the winning photos were pretty amazing!
I was meant to be in Auckland for SENZ since Thursday although due to the Chilean volcanic ash cloud, my flight was cancelled, this turned out to be fortuitous for my boss who was happy to have me continue working til Friday night, I was able to rebook my Thurs flights for Saturday, but then that flight was cancelled too, and to be fair, after working 70 odd hours last week I wanted to come home!
These photos are from Stockton Mine.   I was up there from Sunday doing whats called a "blanket test" where everyone on site or coming onto site gets drug tested.
 These are the vans set up for business, thats mine on the left end!!! poor things never been so grubby!
This is us! on a rare break together.  I am the West Coast rep, the others are my boss from Chc, our office admin lady (who rocks) and then theres the part timer from chc and then Greg from Dunedin.

Still can't believe we were allowed to go for a drive on the Haul Max! was awesome!

 The Haul Max getting ready to be filled with coal from the conveyor belt.
i think thats a wrigley, heading off down the hill.

Ill finish this post off now, so i have time to go do other stuff! thanks for reading :D


mandyb said...

cool what is your actual job???
love those HUGE trucks!!!
sorry that the flights were cancelled.....hope fully you get senz refunds too

Brenda said...

Ohh great pics D.. Brings back a few memories for me from when we lived on the coast. Nice enough day tho. Those Dumpers are massive arent they?

Jenny said...

Looks like a fun outing though. We're so sorry that you didn't make it to Senz