Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scrappin, stuff and Micky

Have you heard? I have a new puppy!!! actually hes pretty much ancient now seeing as I have had him since early July, he is totally full on but absolutely gorgeous. photos show it better than I can explain:
  Micky is a mini foxy, he is currently 10.5 weeks old and hes just adorable, some bullet points:

  • Having a Puppy is hard work
  • Having a little dog puppy is a NIGHTMARE
  • I am thankful that we have an adult dog that is patient (something we didnt expect) and prepared to let a little dog hang of her generous fur coat

And then somewhere in the middle of puppy watching I did the above canvas, I havent done a brilliant job of photographing it, there is alot of texture involved with texture paste and the mask of a Cheery Lynn Italian Flourish doilie.  Then Below is a layout I did pretty quickly (for me!) I love the colours used, and I used heaps of stuff from a kit that the kind hearted and generous Rachel Tucker sent me- there is SO much more in the kit this is only the first of many layouts I will be doing, and I really enjoy those Scrapware frames!

Now I have the obligatory beach/sunset/moody photos 
 Thats the snowy Southern Alps in the background.
And a good shot of the Barber - its a cloud (COLD) that comes down through the Grey valley and over Greymouth alot of the daysthrough winter, its a bit of a freak of nature, only three places in the world have it.A hawk- gorgeous and I love them

 And finishing off with another couple of the millions of Micky pics I've taken over the last month!


Jenny said...

Lovely photos, lovely l/o and canvas

mandyb said...

love that canvas.....and those cute doggy piccys!!!!