Friday, January 20, 2012

Birthday eve and what am i doing?

Watching American Idol! I really do enjoy a bit of AI, Jayme is up in the big smoke of Auckland, auspiciously to see a DJ called Andy C, but lo and behold, how handy that Big Day Out is also on today which is where he currently is. He has assured me he has left me a present hidden here at home and he will tell me where tomorrow on my birthday, I know im aging when I say cool! and dont even bother tipping the house upside down to find it!!!!!!!!!!!!  also spied a tinge of colour out the window so did a quick dash up the road to capture the sunset, this is the first of 2012 sunsets from me, hoping to see lots more throughout the year too!
Added in a pic of a wood pigeon eating the berries on a tree close to the house, its this time they come out to eat up and get fat for the winter.


Anonymous said...

lovely photos old girl (well nearly old) haha. particularly love the sunset photos, gorgeous :)
Bronny :)(haha, incase you didn't guess :))

Kelly said...

omg - you really get the best sunset pics!!!! you should see our wood pigeons up here round the place - i am always amazed they get airborne!

Axel....{Carol} said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow sweet pea :) always love your photos and i love the bird one,iv been watching a tui areound here,tried to get a photo but im to slow