Tuesday, April 10, 2012

more photos

 So the About us one was the one in the latest issue of PaperChase, I missed out on a DT spot by a "smidgen"!
Below is my Printers tray I did for Jayme's cousins.

 Sunset at Paroa Beach

 Bloody dogs! We werent sure which of our little darlings was doing the damage (this is the 4th time) but considering Micky has been with me two out of those four times, its not him - and then today, when I went out I hid the rubbish bin, and picked up Micky's food yet I get home and bloody Shilo has gotten onto the BENCH and eaten 13 mini malteser easter eggs- foil and all. She is going to have to be tied up when we go out from now on.
 Bird. looking annoyed that I took a photo.
Panorama shot from the other day up the back looking towards umm Christchurch I guess.


topkatnz said...

Fab layout. Sorry you missed out on the design team. Now I understand why you signed me up:)

mandyb said...

love that layout and tray...!!!

and as for those dogs....little buggers...up to mischief while mama is away!!!

Jasmine said...

oh wow , your amazing , the kids and I are looking at your site now and have just seen the tray - we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The kids are buzzing out , Your so talented , Love your site.

Jasmine said...

I want it now!!!! Thank you so very much - A beautiful peice of Art we will have for life.

Jasmine said...

Hey D its S Sak Jaz just showed me what you have made your awesome I cant make you anything but I can weld. Love Scott

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