Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nothing too exciting, Don't want to give anyone a heart attack!

 Easter - thats only a few of the egg wrappers I ate
!I haven't done a huge amount of scrapbooking, Its amazing the more free timeIhave the less I get done! I am on track with Project Life so heres some images I from my album.

 We have grass!! and thats me off my bum in the daylight spreading it! You can tell I'm an inside person, the glare from my white arms is nearly too much,  but the improvement of grass over rocks is amazing, and I love it to peices!!!  It means one day we might actually need fences!! and an animal or two!


NanaBeth said...

Having heart attack-will write more later!

topkatnz said...

Love the title:) go you being on track with PL - I am behind! Most people don't find watching grass grow quite so exciting:)

mandyb said...

hahahahaha love the title
and your white ass in action!!!
growing grass is fun~~~
who knew!!! lol!!

well done on sticking with PL

NanaBeth said...

I figured it out-you're going to audition for True Blood!