Saturday, June 2, 2012

Slow Internet

Painfully slow internet, would be a great excuse to not blog for ages wouldn't it!? but thats not the reason, as per usual, I forget to update!  The other day Nic Howard posted about washi tape. Washi tape is BIG in scrapbooking, I like washi tape of all sorts but stuck in the bum end of nowhere, its not a commodity I can pick up in town.  So lucky for me Brenda  put her order in and added mine on top - damask is totally my thing at the moment -the blacker the better!!! But prior to this sale, I was very grateful to have Both Mandy B and Heidi H send me some of their loot on ice cream sticks a while back, It was a very cool idea and I have lots of ideas for it, but I definately want to use it on Project Life which is about the only project I can get into at the moment - the house is still in the throes of having the replastering done, and because its gross and powdery and must messy, the whole house has been done and is ready for repainting except for my room because of course, my room has too much in it to pile into the middle of the room like all the other rooms.

 Above is the entry way into the open plan living area, I am SO tempted to put a highly decorative wallpaper just on that little bit of wall. (I'm thinking damask but then found this coloured one which would blend in nicely with the kitchen and to be finished lounge )  But while trying to find some online wallpaper places, CHECK THIS OUT!!! its called the PaperRoom, and believe it or not, it has NOTHING to do with scrapbooking, but oh how I sigh at the shabby chic papers!!!

This is my scrap room, I can barely even fit in the door let alone find things. But, do note my desk is covered in crap cos I managed to whip up a layout that was a recipe challenge what was pretty darn perfect for the last layout I made, so I pretty much scraplifted my own layout and voila! Challenge entry for Paperchase done!!

And this photo shows my lovely grass growing after I frightened everyone last time, Beth - you crack me up and I am counting down till True Blood starts again- THIS MONTH! I am a bit peeved tho because I have only just finished watching The Finder, only to find out there will be no more series made! gah!!! 


mandyb said...

ohhhhhhh that scrap room looks LIVED in!!!! go you!!! and i love that layout!!!
so you need some more washi samples huh!!! will pop some in the post!!!

topkatnz said...

Fab layout - you should do them more often:) I like the square doily! Look forward to seeing what wallpaper you choose. It is a very good idea to add a bit of life and texture into your decorating:)

NanaBeth said...

I know what you mean about the Finder-I got so pissed!Hope they at least do a special so they can tie up all the loose ends.In fact they pretty much cancelled all the new shows I like.
No True Blood in over 2 years now.Can you get Lost Girl?Canadian sci-fi series-it is HOT!