Thursday, June 28, 2012

One more to go!

Today I have received two assignments back and that means I have only ONE more assignment to send off! and then I get a lil diploma that implies I totally know what I am doing with a camera... hmm cos I totally do! sometimes, when I leave it on Auto!!! 
Lately the weather here has been a  bit yuck, not hard to see why the founders called this place "GREYmouth" but on the up side it means snow on the outreaching mountains - and I LOVE snow! We dont get snow here at home as such, we get the odd snowflake but it disappears almost instantly even if the cold sticks around!
Yesterday Jayme and I went bush with Micky moo up some road up there somewhere *waving hand in that direction* and blow me down! we ran into SNOW!!!!!!!! not much admittedly, but enough for me to squeal SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW! and have poor Jayme just about drive off the cliff, ooops. SO here are some photos of yesterday:

 The view was awesome, I am always happy to see the Southern Alps with snow!
 Just driving along and I see snow! and demand we stop!
 Outside the ute and I realise, Micky has never seen real snow!!!! How could I be so lapse in forgetting this monumental event in his life!??
 So I dragged the poor dog out of the warm cosy ute and told him to POSE in the snow, in fact he couldn't care less about me and was more concerned at sniffing and licking the white cold stuff, he is lucky I didnt make him wear his little coat that he so vehemently hates.

Oh and a rainbow for good luck of course, seeing at least one or two a day at the moment, some brighter than others!

 and one of my recent layouts.. can anyone see a recurring theme!??? 


BethW said...

So now you'll do tutorials for those of us who are camera impaired-right?
Proud of you smart girl!

mandyb said...

wahooooooo love the snow pics!!!
so fun!!!

cute layout too!!!